From Mailing Boxes to Mailing Boxes

I myself like to send packages in mailing boxes, and forego mailing bags altogether.  I find that using a bag to mail something never works out favorable.  Something always winds up getting crushed.  I guess if you are talking about sending out some t-shirts that’s a different story.  Bags would be good enough.  I could get a bag in the mail and squish it and go, “Hmm, this is either a shirt or a shirt.”


I would then open it and hold out a shirt, and the shirt would be covered in a wacky design that my friend had created.  My friend likes to try and create art, but the thing that sucks is that my friend wants to use cheap materials but still expects a coutoure result.  I try to suggest kindly that we could try taking it to the next level, but he thinks that the art should speak through the product, and if people don’t get it than that’s their problem.

Well, he always sends me his new t-shirt designs, even though I don’t ask for them.  What comes along with the t-shirt and the new design is a piece of paper ripped out of a notebook, complete with the torn, fuzzy edge, and handwritten in a dying blue pencil is my bill.  It is always astronomically expensive.  He stills sends them to be because I am the only one that continues to pay for them.  But I feel bad, I guess.

But anyway, that is the only reason I wouldn’t use mailing boxes.  Mailing boxes just offer so much more protection, and we all know that the people in the shipping industry do not necessarily handle with care.  I’m not saying that I wouldn’t do the same, I’m sure it gets kind of mind-numbing after a while, and you simply can’t operate efficiently if you are thinking to yourself, “This might hold someone’s grandmother’s precious heirloom tea set,” or ,”This might hold someone’s collection of legitimate Indiana Jones paraphernalia,” or even, “This might hold some hand-crafted gifts that a family of five are sending to their uncle and aunt and cousins across the continent.”

You’ve got to just block all of that out after a while.  Which is why I always make sure that anything I send out is clearly labelled: This end up, Do not shake, Fragile… And you have to write it more than once, because that would be just too easy to overlook.


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