How to Avoid SEO Providers That Don’t Have Your Best Interests at Heart

Although not all, there are some SEO providers out there who use shady business techniques in order to make money, but rob you of beneficial information in the process.  Your best interests are not at heart, and because of that your business will ultimately suffer if you rely on them for your Chiropractic SEO.


Make sure you do not fall into the trap of dealing with a sketchy SEO provider by looking for the following red flags:

  1. Multiplied Content of Poor Quality. If you suspect that the content being provided to you is being used for other chiropractic providers in different cities and states, you can do a quick search into your Google browser to find out!  Copy and paste inside double quotes and you will find exact matches.  There have been businesses that have found up to 42,000 matches for their “unique Chiropractic SEO”
  2. Only Content is Blog Related. Although blog posts are integral and beneficial pieces of Chiropractic SEO, they only make up one slice of the pie.  Far more goes into the actual SEO when it comes to making your website and business a relevant factor in your area.
  3. SEO Services Provided A la carte. Your Chiropractic SEO provider should not provide you an a la carte list of SEO services as if it is your job to pick and choose them like a dinner menu.  After all, they are the supposed experts here, right?  It is one thing to offer various packages, but ultimately they should not let you choose different components in order to create your own package.
  4. Cheap SEO. Cheap Chiropractic SEO is absolutely a red flag.  Someone is actually doing the work here, it is not run by a computer system.  If you are paying less than $750 to $1,000 per month for SEO, you may not be getting actual manual work.
  5. SEO Setup Fees.  If your SEO provider charges you a setup fee, don’t be afraid to ask them what it’s for.  There are people out there who will charge this simply because they can.  Chances are what they do your first month’s service is the same as what they will be doing every month.
  6. No Monthly Reports. It is so important that you receive a monthly report on how your chiropractic SEO is performing. There are providers out there who provide as little as quarterly reports.  In addition to keyword rankings, you should also be able to view lead trends and organic traffic.

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